Sports Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Center Near Me

Anyone who plays a sport or is involved in the world of physical fitness knows that injuries can be a part of the game. When athletes sustain these unfortunate injuries, oftentimes sports rehabilitation and physical therapy are included as an important element of your treatment and recovery plan. There is no better sports rehab facility in the greater Jackson area than Florence Rehabilitation Center, located in The Fitness Plex. Our skilled sports physical therapists are dedicated to helping you regain your pre-injury capabilities and even improve your physical prowess. Choosing Florence Rehabilitation Center is a game-changer on your road to recovery after an injury!

Sports Physical Therapy Programs Near Me

So let’s get into answering the questions: what is sports rehabilitation and what can you expect from seeing a sports physical therapist at Florence Rehabilitation Center?

During your appointments at Florence Rehabilitation Center, you can anticipate a supportive and collaborative physical therapy team who will help you heal and recover from your sports injury or surgery. Here’s what to expect at a sports rehab treatment program at FRC:

  • Individualized assessment and treatment plan
  • Personalized sessions with a skilled and compassionate sports physical therapist.
  • Regular progress tracking of your improvement and adjusting plan as necessary
  • Encouragement and guidance to help you achieve your goals and pre-injury performance 
  • A focus on addressing the root cause of your injury rather than simply managing symptoms
  • Take-home skills and strategies for your personal practice

Most of our rehab for athletes start with an assessment or evaluation. Your surgeon or doctor will likely have referred you for sports PT and we use your diagnosis, medical history, and a comprehensive physical assessment to determine a treatment plan. Your personalized treatment plan will include both your own goals and those of your doctor and may include exercises, manual therapy, modalities (such as heat or cold therapy), aquatic therapy, education on injury prevention and self-care, and more. The most common goals of sports rehab are to restore your performance to pre-injury levels and reduce any pain during recovery. We also may focus on strength, flexibility, and range of motion, as well as any sport-specific skills. Throughout your sports rehab treatment, we’ll consistently take regular progress assessments to track your improvement and adjust treatment. 

Best Sports Rehab & Physical Therapy Clinic Mississippi

All of our sports physical therapists at FRC have decades of experience helping athletes recover from injuries, surgeries, or musculoskeletal conditions. Our sports physical therapy degrees provide us the expertise to work with you on a full recovery and an improvement of your overall fitness. Our sports rehab center has the latest equipment and we use the latest techniques. It is our commitment to you that we will stay current with advancements in the field so that you always receive the most effective treatments available. We utilize a comprehensive approach to encompass more than just injury recovery, focusing also on injury prevention to help you maintain an active and injury-free lifestyle after your time with us. Contact our team at the Florence Rehabilitation Center today to start your journey to recovery!