HIVAMAT Therapy Center Florence, MS

Many of our valued clients here at Florence Rehabilitation Center come to us to find relief and healing from injuries, pain, symptoms of chronic illness, and for rehabilitation. We strive to consistently develop and apply effective treatment plans using a variety of modalities to treat your presenting concern. One treatment that our skilled physical therapy team has found highly effective for alleviating pain, enhancing mobility, and promoting health is HIVAMAT. This is a deep oscillation therapy technique used to provide symptom relief and foster healing for many ailments.

What is HIVAMAT Therapy?

HIVAMAT stands for Histological Variable Manual Technique which is a physical therapy method of providing deep oscillation therapy. Using targeted electromagnetic vibrations on particular areas of the body, HIVAMAT penetrates deep tissues that are otherwise impossible to reach. As these vibrations move through the body, they provide therapeutic effects for swelling, deep muscle pain, joint pain, and more. By improving the circulation of lymphatic fluids in the body, HIVAMAT contributes to healing damaged cells, enhances circulation, and promotes blood flow to aid the body’s natural healing process. 

What Does HIVAMAT Therapy Treat?

HIVAMAT works especially well for injury recovery and chronic illnesses. For instance, oscillation therapy helps sports injuries like torn muscles, as well as tendonitis, chronic pain, post-surgery rehabilitation, chemotherapy symptoms, and more. Due to the fact that HIVAMAT is non-invasive and gentle, it works particularly well for people in pain. Not only does it not add any stress, impact or pain to the affected area, it actually works to relieve pain. HIVAMAT is particularly effective for post-operative recovery from orthopedic surgeries, healing from sports injuries, and treating musculoskeletal disorders. It also helps with lymphedema, wound healing, and soft tissue injuries. HIVAMAT is most often used in tandem with manual therapy, or massage. These therapies, when conducted alongside one another, enhance the benefits brought by each modality.

Benefits of HIVAMAT Physical Therapy

Deep oscillation therapy is a non-invasive physical therapy treatment solution that offers an alternative to medication and in some cases, can help avoid surgery. HIVAMAT is especially beneficial for those who suffer from pain due to injury, surgery, or chronic illnesses, as it is soothing for the body and reduces pain. Besides pain relief, the electrostatic field creates gentle, rhythmic vibrations that penetrate deep into the affected tissues. This works to help with edema and swelling reduction, enhances healing and recovery, and aids scar tissue management.  

Deep Oscillation Physical Therapy Near Me

At Florence Rehabilitation Center, we get many questions surrounding HIVAMAT therapy, such as “How does HIVAMAT work? Or “Does deep oscillation therapy work? Our skilled physical therapists incorporated HIVAMAT therapy into many treatment plans HIVAMAT works tremendously well for particular ailments, bringing much-deserved relief and healing to our patients. When you’re searching to rehabilitate from a surgery or injury, require pain relief from chronic illnesses, or are simply searching for symptom relief and healing, contact our team at Florence Rehabilitation Center. We are standing by, ready to help you on your journey to healing and living a full, healthy life.