Geriatric Rehabilitation

The aging process leads us through many natural changes that often include increased physical limitations and health challenges. While aging, almost everyone wants to maintain a high quality of life and remain independent and as mobile for as long as possible. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by participating in a geriatric rehabilitation program. Geriatric rehab at Florence  Rehabilitation Center helps seniors across Mississippi age gracefully and enjoy the golden years. 

What is Geriatric Rehabilitation?

At Florence Rehabilitation Center, our geriatric physical therapy program focuses on improving the physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being of seniors. This can include elderly individuals who are facing age-related conditions, have sustained injuries, or are recovering from surgeries. Geriatric rehab strives to enhance functional abilities and promote independence for a more fulfilling life while aging.

How Can Geriatric Physical Therapy Benefit the Elderly?

As an aging senior, geriatric rehabilitation offers numerous benefits to keep you healthy and thriving.

  • Improved mobility
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Pain relief
  • Fall prevention strategies and techniques
  • Faster recovery from injury, illness, or surgery
  • Delayed age-related decline

What To Expect at Geriatric Physical Therapy

At FRC, our geriatric physical therapy programs typically begin with an assessment to evaluate physical abilities, medical history, existing conditions, and specific goals. This guides a personalized treatment plan designed to meet each patient’s unique objectives and improve overall quality of life. Most geriatric programs will include balance and mobility training, strength and flexibility exercises, and pain management support. After a surgery or injury, site specific work will be done to restore the individual to pre-injury or surgical levels of function. If an assistive device is being introduced in the senior’s life, we provide training on how to safely and effectively use canes, walkers, or wheelchairs, for instance. Another area of focus may be improving seniors’ ability to perform functional, everyday activities such as dressing, bathing, and cooking. Lastly, our geriatric physical therapists provide valuable education on fall prevention and home safety to support a safe, healthy, and functional daily life.

Rehabilitation Program for the Elderly, Florence MS

For seniors who want to stay empowered and continue living an active, fulfilling life, geriatric rehabilitation at FRC is a fantastic choice! Our physical therapists specialize in geriatric physical therapy and we have in-depth knowledge about the specific challenges seniors face. We use a patient-centered approach, listening to your concerns and goals, and formulating an individualized treatment plan to meet each patient’s specific needs. Plus, our help and support don’t stop at the end of sessions with us! Our geriatric rehab program is designed to teach and educate seniors on techniques that can continue to be practiced and applied at home and in daily life. Plus, if you are a member at The Fitness Plex, we’ll see you often and will stop by to give you some pointers. The primary objective of our geriatric rehab program is to keep seniors living and full and healthy lives! Contact us today to learn more about our geriatric rehabilitation program!