Pre-Op and Post-Op Rehabilitation Near Me

Facing surgery can be a daunting experience, whether it’s a major procedure or a minor operation. The good news is that there’s a valuable resource that can significantly improve your surgical outcomes and overall well-being: pre and post-operative rehabilitation. If you live in the greater Jackson, MS area, your best option for pre and post op physical therapy is Florence Rehabilitation Center. 

What Is Pre-Op and Post-Op Care?

Prehabilitation at Florence Rehabilitation Center is designed to prepare and support you before your surgery. It is designed to strengthen the affected area, enhance your physical condition, and improve your overall health before going into surgery. After surgery, your post-op rehabilitation involves physical therapy and other therapeutic interventions designed to restore your physical condition, mobility, and get your overall health back to pre-injury function.

Pre-operative Physiotherapy Management

How Can Pre-Operative Rehabilitation Help You?

When you engage in pre-op physical therapy, you have numerous benefits that will follow you from start to finish during your surgery. 

Improved Surgical Outcomes: Prehabilitation optimizes your physical health before surgery. You’ll enhance your strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness, to better prepare you to withstand the stress of surgery. Most importantly, these exercises reduce complications during surgery and speed up your recovery.

Speedy Recovery from Surgery: When you go into surgery strong and with a high level of endurance, you will often experience a quicker and smoother recovery process. Prehabilitation helps you regain your functionality and independence more rapidly after the operation.

Pain Management: Prehabilitation at FRC teaches you pain management techniques and exercises that you can then apply immediately after surgery. This knowledge helps you cope with post-operative discomfort more effectively.

Enhanced Confidence: With pre-op physical therapy, you’ve taken proactive steps to prepare for surgery. This can lead to an increased sense of confidence about the surgery and often reduces anxiety about the procedure.

How Can Post-Operative Rehabilitation Help You?

After surgery, you’ll want to speed up your recovery time and reduce the lingering effects of your injury or illness. To that end, post-op physical therapy is a crucial aspect of your recovery.

Restoring Functionality: The main goal of post-operative rehabilitation is to regain your lost mobility, strength, and function in the affected area.

Pain Relief: Surgery often results in pain and discomfort. Post-operative rehabilitation includes pain management strategies, including therapeutic exercises and modalities that aim to reduce pain and improve your overall comfort.

Prevention of Complications: When you go to post-op physical therapy, you are helping to prevent complications like blood clots, muscle atrophy, and joint stiffness. This is done by engaging in exercises that promote proper circulation, muscle engagement, and joint mobility.

Guidance and Support: Surgery can feel defeating. When you have post-op rehabilitation, you’ll work closely with trained physical therapists who provide guidance and support throughout your recovery journey. Not only will this help you maintain hope but it will also ensure that you perform exercises correctly and progress at a safe pace.

Customized Post-op Treatment: Every post-op treatment plan at FRC is customized to the patient’s specific needs and surgery. Your physical therapist will adjust as you progress, ensuring that you receive the most effective and efficient care.

Improved Quality of Life: The most important function that post-op physical therapy serves is to lead you to an improved quality of life by restoring your ability to perform daily activities and enjoy hobbies and interests.

Best Pre and Post Operative Physical Therapists & Rehabilitation Center Near Me

Pre and post-operative rehabilitation are invaluable components of the surgical journey, guiding you to regain overall well-being. By taking proactive steps to prepare for surgery and engaging in a comprehensive rehabilitation program afterward, you can enhance your physical condition, speed up your recovery, and achieve the best possible results after surgery. If you’re facing surgery in the greater Jackson, MS area, consult with a qualified FRC physical therapist to discuss the benefits of pre and post-operative rehabilitation for your specific needs.