Home Physical Therapy Programs

Florence Rehabilitation Center has proudly provided physical therapy to our community for 30 years and we know that sometimes our patients have conditions or ailments that prohibit them from accessing care in our clinic. If you’ve just had surgery or are unable to receive services in our physical therapy center, don’t worry, we’ll come to you! In these situations, Florence Rehabilitation Center offers in-home physical therapy, where the expertise and support of our licensed physical therapists are brought directly to your home environment! With our in-home physical therapy services from Florence to Jackson and beyond, you can still have the best physical therapy and rehabilitative services while recovering.

What to Expect at an In-Home Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Session

When our skilled physical therapists come to your home for your rehabilitation or physical therapy session, the program proceeds much like it would at our clinic. 

Personalized Treatment Program

As always, our program begins with a review of your doctor’s prescription (if there is one) and a comprehensive assessment by one of our licensed in-home physical therapists. This helps us determine your current mobility, strength, range of motion, flexibility, balance, and general functional ability. We’ll also discuss your goals and objectives, seeking understanding of what you want to gain from physical therapy. Together, we’ll customize a treatment plan that will address your specific physical and functional needs.

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Exercises

Your in-home physical therapy treatment plan may include any number of therapeutic interventions designed to help you reach your goals, reduce pain, regain mobility, and enhance your daily functioning. If you’ve had surgery or were recently diagnosed with a particular condition, your physical therapy exercises will likely be more clearly defined and directed to that particular condition or post-surgical care. Physical therapy activities in your home may include:

  • Strengthening exercises for muscle-building and core strength
  • Balance and coordination exercises to increase stability and reduce fall risks
  • Range of motion exercises for flexibility and joint function
  • Massage and joint manual therapy for pain reduction and to increase mobility
  • Gait training to ensure your posture and walking patterns are correct and healthy
  • Functional practice of daily activities and tasks to promote a return to independent living

For those recovering from surgeries, your rehabilitation will likely begin with in-home post-surgical physical therapy, and as your condition improves and you become more mobile, your sessions will transition to our physical therapy clinic located in The Fitness Plex in Florence, MS. Similarly, for those who have neurological conditions, or other ailments where you become able to travel, we may decide together to move our sessions to our physical therapy center

Best In-Home Physical Therapy Near Me

Our private in-home physical therapy sessions can help you restore your daily life to as normal a level as possible. Our in-home physical therapy cost is kept affordable – we know you already have enough to deal with and we work with you to ensure you can receive the services you need. With that goal in mind, Florence Rehabilitation Center offers both private pay in-home physical therapy and insurance covered in-home rehabilitation through your insurance carrier.