Managing Arthritis Pain: Physical Therapy Strategies

June 23, 2024

Is your arthritis pain affecting every aspect of your life? Have you stopped enjoying activities you once loved due to your pain? There are some pain relieving solutions available that can restore your ability to engage in activities and live a pain-free daily life! What is one of the most effective methods of relieving arthritis pain and renewing mobility? Physical therapy! Florence Rehabilitation Center is here to shed some light on the various ways working with a physical therapist can provide some of the much-needed relief that you deserve!

What to Expect at a PT Session for Arthritis Pain

When you book a physical therapy appointment for arthritis relief, the most common starting place is an evaluation. The physical therapist will evaluate your posture, imbalances, body mechanics, muscular status, and current treatment plan (if you have one). They will likely ask about current prescriptions, medications, supplements, topical treatments, and anything else you are using to treat your arthritis pain. Your physical therapist for arthritis pain will also go over your treatment goals with you. Based on all the information gathered, an individualized treatment plan will be developed for your specific needs. Most likely, a customized plan will be designed to ease your pain, increase your range of motion, and improve your movement patterns to reduce joint stress and impact.

What Type of Physical Therapy is Best for Arthritis?

Some of the best treatments for joint pain and stiffness associated with arthritis is physical therapy. As a method of managing arthritis pain, the PT activities for arthritis can be life changing, as your pain and soreness are relieved and you can begin to enjoy life’s activities once again. Physical therapy can help arthritis in your hips, hands, knees, ankles, back, and more!

There are several proven physical therapy techniques effective for decreasing arthritis pain

  • Manual Therapy: In the form of massage and joint mobilization, physical therapists work to improve the movement of your joints and reduce pain and stiffness. 
  • Hot & Cold Therapy for Arthritis Pain: Oftentimes, inflammation is exacerbating your arthritis symptoms, so physical therapists will utilize hot and cold therapy to reduce the inflammation in your affected joints. 
  • HIVAMAT & Ultrasound: Other commonly used methods of PT for arthritis include ultrasound and HIVAMAT. These treatments use penetrating waves to delve deep into your muscles and tissues to promote healing and relieve pain.
  • Exercises & Flexibility for Arthritis: Most PT arthritis treatment plans also include strengthening exercises to build your muscle strength around your joints, as well as flexibility exercises. This can help increase your range of motion and encourage easy mobility. Low-impact aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming, aquatic physical therapy, or cycling may also be incorporated into your treatment program.

Best Physical Therapy Clinic for Arthritis Near Me

If you live in the greater Jackson, MS area, consider Florence Rehabilitation Center for your arthritis physical therapy treatment. Our experienced physical therapists have decades of expertise in relieving arthritis pain for our valued clients and we take most insurances, as well as uninsured individuals. Call us today to set up an initial appointment and let’s work together toward the pain relief you deserve! 

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